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Youth Speed Training


Normally for young children speed training constitutes learning to perform proper technique in a linear direction of running. During young childhood and early adolescence there are 2 distinct phases children go through. One is a child that has not yet gone through puberty and is comfortable with their body and is in full control. While the adolescence teenager is going through a process called adolescence awkwardness in which they are being re-programmed to adjust to the new body they are growing in to as they approach adulthood. During the speed training they will perform proper technique in which heel goes to butt, knees high, arms are being hammered back while maintained at a proper 90 degree angle, looking downward, full extension of the back leg, and a slightly incline during acceleration until reaching top speed in which they will be in a upright position. Angular direction is normally commenced at any age, which is a sharp change of direction which is also considered agility. This type of training is usually not taught to young children because of the complexity of its format and children need to be acclimated to the basics and knowing their body first. Adolescence on the other hand will be taught angular and linear speed training for sports and other performance purposes to help build a foundation for any and all sports they decide to do. This is what we try to teach at the Athletes Edge; a combination of proper technique, injury prevention, and performance based training for their sport.

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