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You have Skills, but what about Character? RG3 knows Alfred Morris has both.


In sports today we highlight the big plays, the ungodly paychecks, and the less than appropriate acts of our professional “mentors”.  It isn’t often, and never breaking news (usually passed with just a smile of appreciation or a nod of approval), when we highlight a good deed or recognize great character.

I strongly feel that character is overlooked by many athletes today, and almost completely disregarded by some, all because they don’t see how it will translate to the big plays and paydays.  Nowadays, everybody had this “Gotta eat” or “Get mines” approach to what they do.  With this mindset, athletes easily forget that they’re on a team and what that means.

In comes Character.  Character is the essence of what drives an athlete to greatness; it gives them purpose.  No one wants to hear how a quarterback threw the game-winning touchdown in the Superbowl for his bonus check!  They want to hear how all the years of hard work, dedication, preparation and their team were what helped them be victorious.  And THAT is what exemplifies character; an athlete who works hard, helps better those around them, and shows appreciation for what he/she has.  It’s not about what you get when you’re successful, it’s about who you are when you’re successful; and that starts today.  You may be the strongest, fastest train ever built, but if you’re on the wrong track..well you get the picture.

Athletes should practice building their character as often, if not more often than they do their other skills.  Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Florida Atlantic University Alumnus and Athletes Edge client, Alfred Morris, is currently 5th in the NFL in rushing, averaging 4.7 yards per attempt. In regards to talks of Offensive Rookie of the Year, RG3 says “I’d vote for Alfred Morris…he’s had a very quiet but very great season for a running back, and I’m proud to have him on this team.”  The Washington Redskins may have gotten the steal of the draft when then picked Morris in the 6th round last year.  (now, see link below)


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