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This One’s For the Girls: Congratulations Erin DiMeglio


Athletes Edge wants to congratulate Erin DiMeglio on her history-making football season.  For those of you who are not familiar with Erin, she has become the first girl in the state of Florida to “play quarterback in a regular-season varsity football game”; a feat that has  given Erin recognition from many media outlets nationwide.

We never would have guessed she was going to try out for the football team.   During her training with us, we concentrated solely on building her basketball abilities.  Never did we anticipate her to make her football debut.  However, even with her shocking turn of events, I couldn’t say I was completely surprised.  If I’ve ever known a girl willing to suit up and bash heads with the boys, it would be Erin.

Erin is a young woman with an amazing work ethic and drive.  Even during her training there was never a time when she slacked off (at least we couldn’t notice).  She never used “being a girl” as an excuse to underperform or be out-performed, and was always looking for more to do.  Her competitive nature combined with her determination keeps Erin focused and hungry to constantly improve.  But I would say my favorite attribute of hers is her humility.  Erin, we’re truly happy for you and extremely proud.  Congratulations.,0,6598076.story

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