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Tennis Lateral Movement Drill


Lateral movement is one of the most important tools a tennis player needs to have. In fact, lateral movement makes up around 70% of all movement in tennis. The Athletes Edge Tennis Performance Training Program puts a top priority on this aspect of the game and one of the most versatile drills we use is a simple 7-cone drill across the baseline.

We start by placing 7 cones across the baseline equidistant apart. The player will start in the alley and shuffle laterally behind the first cone. They will then simulate a groundstroke as they move between the 2 cones, shuffle in front of and then around the first cone and continue moving laterally behind the 2nd cone. Moving in between the 2nd and 3rd cones the player simulates another groundstroke and continues the pattern all the way across the baseline.

This simple drill has many variations depending on the point of emphasis for the day. For example, a player can use their racquet to do shadow strokes between the cones.

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