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Strength = Speed


Almost every time an athlete or parent comes through our door, they’re looking for “speed” training.  Whether it’s their sole goal, or one of many, just about everyone wants to get faster.  And it’s completely understandable.  Every sport is getting faster and more explosive.  If you want to compete, you too need to get faster and more explosive.  However, what a lot of people don’t understand is that strength training is going to get you there before running sprints will.

Now, in no way am I downplaying the importance of proper run form and technique.  What I’m saying is that the form/technique should come 2nd.  An athlete can have perfect form, but if they lack power and explosion, they’re still going to run slow.  Speed is all about power output.  And strength training is key in producing this power.

Think about it like this, the more power you force into the ground the further you’ll be able to thrust your body.  Now you combine that with the proper form, and that’s how you optimize speed.  We have a saying, “We can get athletes faster without ever running them.”  Do we still run them?  Absolutely.  But, we wouldn’t say that it is the one thing necessary to do in order to make an athlete faster.  However, strength training is that necessary.  And, in a nutshell, that’s how Strength = Speed.

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