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Sports Nutrition


Food is a key ingredient for the human body and nutrition is crucial to the success of every athlete. Here at Athlete’s Edge, we emphasize the importance of eating a balanced meal in order to perform at maximum capacity. Oftentimes, improper consumption can be noticed due to an athlete’s poor performance on the field.  Nutrition involves the consumption of carbohydrates, protein, dietary fats, fluids, vitamin and minerals. When our athletes at don’t perform to the best of their ability, it is usually the result of an improper diet or from going too long between their meals. Athletes Edge enforces the importance of carbohydrates as they are the primary fuel for exercising muscles and helping with glycogen storage, especially for athletes who play sports for a long duration. The staff at Athletes Edge emphasizes the importance of carbohydrate strategies by educating our athletes. They are told to eat carbohydrates for at several days before competing in order to start with glycogen loaded muscles to help replenish energy and delay fatigue on days of competition. We also stress the importance of hydration as our main vocal point due to the extreme heat here in South Florida. We encourage all of our athletes to stay well hydrated, especially during vigorous training and include water breaks for our athletes to hydrate themselves after every drill that is completed. We also explain the proper intake of protein for our athletes depending on days that are more strenuous than others.

An athlete’s nutritional needs depend in part on level of fitness. For example, nutritional needs are dependent on exercise type, intensity, and duration.  Our general guidelines here at Athletes Edge are for athletes to eat a meal high in carbohydrates, take solid foods three to four hours before an event, drink enough fluids to ensure hydration, and avoid sugary foods and drinks one hour  before an event.

by: Ricardo Cabeza

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