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Soccer Performance Program


Soccer players are required to be both technical and tactical, but the defining edge of physical performance in today’s game makes or breaks players on the world stage. With each player being different, assessing an individual’s current capabilities is essential to putting the right plan into action.

With proper assessment and evaluation we can design a program that will maximize player’s current strengths and minimize physical performance limitations simultaneously. It’s important to determine movement patterns and alignment with our Athletes Edge initial evaluation and focus on correcting any abnormalities to reduce exposure to injuries and educate athletes to improve methods of movement and amplify performance.

The AE Soccer Performance program focuses on the essential components to improve a soccer athlete’s performance. Each program emphasizes the identified needs to each individual athlete as determined in their Athletic Profile compiled during the initial evaluation.

  • Total Body Strength & Muscular Balance
  • Flexibility, Balance & Stabilization
  • Rotational & Linear Power
  • Lateral Movement
  • First Step Burst
  • Speed & Agility
  • Reaction
  • Explosion
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