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Shula’s Athletic Club Delivers the Athletic Edge for Youth Programs


It’s a partnership made in sports heaven. Like Montana to Rice. Like Magic to Kareem. Shula’s Athletic Club, the fitness and health leader in Miami, has brought on the team from Athletes Edge to offer their exclusive Youth Developmental Program.

“Athlete’s Edge is the preeminent South Florida training team for developing youth and professional athletes and we’re so excited to offer this exclusive Youth Development Program at our training facility,” said Bill Higgs, General Manager of Shula’s Athletic Club.

The Youth Developmental Program teaches the fundamentals of athleticism and basic movement skills for children between the ages of 5 to 13. The program will teach speed, proper running form, agility, strength, performance and injury prevention.

Shula’s Athletic Club has been in Miami Lakes for 30 years and has a long reputation of offering the area’s top sports leagues, including basketball and football. They currently have over 1,200 children enrolled in the program and offer indoor basketball facilities and an outside flag football field.

“We have a tremendous track record of working with current professional athletes, training athletes for college scholarships and preparing college athletes for the draft… but at the core of what we do is providing crucial training to youth athletes,” said Jeff Sanders, Director of Training for Athlete’s Edge. “We are proud to bring our training techniques to Shula’s Athletic Club as they are the leader in delivery youth training, which is especially important as youth sports has become so much more competitive.”

Athlete’s Edge has two locations, one on the campus at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and they opened their Miami location in January on the St Thomas University campus. They will train 5 to 13 year olds at Shula’s Athletic Club and will continue to train middle school, high school, college and professional athlete at their other locations.

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