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With the physical demands placed on your body during training, competition, and everyday life, recovery has become a necessary component of performance. The Fast Twitch Recovery Division was created to keep our clients healthy and performing at their best.


Performance Therapy is designed to bridge the gap between physical therapy and competitive performance. Using a variety of modalities, each treatment plan is unique based on the client’s injury, whether traumatic, acute, or chronic, and his/her performance goals.


Designed to progress into performance training, Injury Recovery Training relies on biomechanical and kinetic chain knowledge to customize workouts. Functional movements and corrective exercises are used to decrease pain, facilitate range of motion, and increase strength.


Proper comprehension and application of personalized nutrition and supplementation strategies are integral elements of a training program. A Sports Nutrition consultation will provide you with the framework to increase energy levels, optimize body composition, and increase athletic performance.

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