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Proper recovery during training


During an individual’s training there are specific rest times or intervals as some may call it that needs to be ascertained.  For someone commencing Power training there is normally a 2-5 minute rest period between sets for the ATP that was just used in the body to re-accumulate to as close to 100% as possible; Even though it won’t. This same rest period applies to strength training consisting of a 2-5 minute rest period between sets. Normally for strength and power training 2-6 reps is normally done per set. Now for Hypertrophy training the individual is at 60%-80% intensity to accomplish 8-12 reps and normally is 45 second rest period interval more maximum muscle growth. For those athletes still growing or needing to get size to better adapt and get stronger in their sport this is of great importance and is what is normally done at the Athletes Edge. In combination with field work, endurance training, strength training and power training. For endurance type training typically its 90 seconds rest period with reps ranging from 12-20 or more per set. All of these rest periods allows the athlete to perform the specific task being trained during their specific exercise program.

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