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Proper Base Stealing Technique


Every time that we do a clinic on base stealing, close to 90% of the players have been taught the “cross-over” step, as their first step towards second base.  With this, the athlete staggers their feet and opens their lead step and hips to make an easier path towards second base.  However, in the event of a pick off play, this stance makes it nearly impossible to get back to first base efficiently and further more is not a powerful first step towards second base.

We teach the directional step technique.  Feet are squared up, shoulder with apart.  Our teaching points are “push”, “lift”, “open” & “drive”.  Meaning, push off your left leg, lift your right knee, open your right hip towards second base and drive in into the ground.  We believe that this is a more powerful first step, allowing for proper right shin angle.  This is also the exact footwork that an athlete would use to retreat back to first base in a pick-off attempt.

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