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Nutrition: The Next Generation


I think it goes without saying that nutrition “Trumps” all when it comes to being health conscious.  In no way am I downplaying the importance of a routine workout, however without proper nutrition the results of your workout can be significantly limited.  Now what if I told you eating chicken or tuna fish was unhealthy for you?  Or if brussel sprouts and kiwi were making you gain weight?  Would this surprise you?  Would you even believe me?  Well some of you may be reading this thinking I’m going to begin preaching about some new crazy crash diet, and some of you may still be wondering where I’m going with this.  Others may find some of what I’m saying familiar, and begin thinking about the “Eat to Your Blood Type” diet.  What I’m talking about takes the Blood Type diet to the next level.

ALCAT is a company testing individuals’ blood the world round, with centers in 5 of 7 continents.  And we in South Florida have a facility right here in Deerfield Beach.  What ALCAT does (and bear with me for I’m attempting to explain this from my “average Joe” perspective) is test your blood with a number of variety of foods.  They look to see how your white blood cells react to each food.  Depending on their reaction, depends on the severity of your allergy to that food.  Now an allergy doesn’t necessarily mean you need medical care.  An allergy could be something as simple as experiencing a lack of energy, or having trouble with weight loss.  Haven’t you ever dieted and wondered why you’re not getting the results you were expecting?  Most likely those “healthy” foods just weren’t healthy for you.  Don’t worry, just because you may need to cut out something in your diet today, doesn’t mean in 6 months it cannot be re-initiated.

However once the results come in, ALCAT puts together an individualized nutrition plan during a consultation with one of their in-house nutritionists.  THIS is the future of nutrition, and this is also the secret to many professional athletes right now.  But their secret is out.  I know I sound like an ALCAT sales rep here, but that just goes to show how much they made a believer out of me.  For more information, check ’em out.

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