Multiple Facilities, One Methodology

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The Athletes Edge is a sports performance training company committed to building the superior athlete.  We have experience in training the most elite athletes in the world including, but not limited to, over 350 professional athletes.  It is the vision of The Athletes Edge to bring the unparalleled style of training used with these elite athletes to the collegiate and scholastic levels.  Our goal is to assist each athlete to reach their physical potential in a safe, time efficient manner with an emphasis on hard work and leadership.

Job Description: Sports Performance Coach Internship

The purpose of the Performance coaching internship program is to give participants practical field experience and help with their education in every aspect of sports performance.  This internship is unique in that Athletes Edge works with both high schools and colleges to run their strength and conditioning program while working in the private sector training junior, amateur, and pro athletes, thus providing a wide variety of experience.

Interns will assist the Director of Sports Performance and Performance Coaches in implementing a comprehensive sport performance training program.  This program includes learning all of The Athletes Edge training protocols and procedures, which includes: Speed, Agility, and Strength and Performance training.  Interns will be required to participate in group training, observe coaches, and assist in training.

  • Learn and implement Athletes Edge Training protocols
  • Participate in training sessions
  • Observe and shadow Performance Coaches during training sessions
  • Attend coaches meetings
  • Assist with off-site training (clubs, high schools, little leagues etc.)
  • Assist Sports Performance Director with maintaining the facility
  • Adhere to Athletes Edge dress code and behavior requirements

Essential Personal Make-Up:

  • Positive and Energetic
  • Team Oriented
  • Experience in athletic competition

Hours (approximate):

  • Monday – Friday 10am-7pm
  • Saturday 9am-1pm


  • St. Thomas University: Miami Gardens
Fast Twitch: An Under Armour Elite Training Facility