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Injury Prevention for the Athlete


One of the biggest concerns of both the parent and athlete today is injury prevention.  With sports becoming more competitive each year, and with scholarships on the line, injury prevention is developing into a main concern for all.  As the game progresses, it becomes more demanding of the athlete and even more taxing on their bodies.  Often along the way, an athlete will develop muscular imbalances due to a compensation from a weakness.  All athletes have weaknesses whether they’re conscious of them or not.  However, more often than not an athlete will subconsciously compensate for the weakness by putting stress in other areas of the body.  This is a reason why a pitcher will throw out his shoulder, or why a tennis player will suffer from “tennis elbow”.  These are non-contact injuries that can be avoided with a proper strength and performance program.

It is more crucial than ever for these athletes to become aware of what they’re up against within their own bodies, and take steps now to correct it.  Athletes Edge evaluations are designed for pinpointing weaknesses, targeting areas prone to injury, and unveiling muscular imbalances.  That’s not all, they’re FREE!

Don’t be left in the dark to something that can seriously affect not only your athletic ability, but your future as an athlete as well.  Today it’s preventable, tomorrow it’s treatable.  It’s up to which method of correction you prefer.

Here’s an interesting read as to why female athletes are at an even higher risk than males for a non-contact ACL injury:

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