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Hydrating During Exercise


The importance of hydration can never be over stressed, especially in South Florida. Athletes must stay hydrated to perform at their very best. Fluids are crucial for athletes because fluids transport nutrients throughout the body to help working muscles, eliminate overheating and manage waste in the body. Many athletes do not realize the importance of hydrating before beginning exercise. By failing to do so, athletes are limiting the amount of energy and overall production they can exert. Athletes should look to consume two to three large glasses of water up to two hours before they begin exercise. Athletes can also take advantage of other watery sources of foods or liquids such as fruit, yogurt, soup, or low-fat milk. By taking these steps athletes will be able to notice a significant difference in their production on the field. One of the Best ways for athletes to monitor their levels of hydration is through urination frequency and color. Athletes should be urinating frequently and should have a very light color to it. If a few hours pass without the need for urinating then the athlete is still dehydrated. Stay hydrated and eliminate the risk of becoming dehydrated, and maximize your production on the field.

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