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How do I reach my full potential and become the best baseball player I can be?


The Athletes Edge Training protocols are a collaboration of various training theories and practices that have proven results in improving athletic performance.  The first step is a proper baseball specific strength and conditioning program to play a significant role in preventing injuries caused by repetitive motion.  Baseball is such a one side dominant sport that the number of injuries has increased among players, especially younger athletes as travel baseball has become more demanding.  With a proper strength program injuries caused by overuse can be eliminated as your body is well conditioned for the repetitive rotational motions of the game.

Athletes Edge is a sport performance training company that not only conditions your body to prevent injury; they also develop personalized sports specific training programs for each athlete to help them achieve their goal of being the best athlete they can be.  Each program begins with an evaluation that determines the strengths and weaknesses to personalize the program to turn their weaknesses into strengths.  The other part of the evaluation is a list of goals that the athlete wants to achieve whether it is to add velocity, increase power or just increase overall strength.  The trainers at Athletes Edge keep those goals into consideration when developing an explosive workout program that will work towards the athlete’s goals.

A big selling point on Athletes Edge located in North Miami is the countless baseball teams from Little League all the way up to high school and even college that are located in the area.  With multiple options from private one-on-one training to group training Athletes Edge has a program for everyone.  Baseball teams can come in and train together to improve the performance of the whole team.  Athlete’s Edge also offers a semi-private program used for small groups to train any number from two to five athletes at a time.  So in regards to becoming the best baseball player you can be, it is not a question of how, it is a matter of when are you going to sign up.  Get the Edge with Athletes Edge

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