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Football Speed Training


Footballs most coveted ability is speed, speed kills!!  People say that you are either born with it or you aren’t.  This is not completely true.  Yes, there is a ceiling on how fast an athlete can get but with proper strength and technique training an athlete can reach their full potential and improve their overall speed.

We break linear speed into 3 phases, burst, acceleration and top end speed with each phase having two components, stride length and stride frequency.  Each phase and component must be trained to its full potential to maximize an athlete’s linear speed.

There are many modalities in which to train speed.  At the Athletes Edge we use a combination of resisted runs and over speed treadmill runs in conjunction with explosive jumps, power squat jumps and traditional strength training (squats, step ups, single leg deadlifts and hamstring curls).

We have had high school athletes drop their 40 yard dash time from 4.88, down to a 4.48 and land a college scholarship.  We have had college football players run 4.25 (pro day) at 205 lbs and 4.34 (NFL combine) at 219 lbs.

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