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Eagles’ Kearse Wants to Step it up this Time


bilde-300x205OMPANO BEACH – The lazy days that used to make up Jevon Kearse’s offseasons were spent in South Beach, where he hit the clubs and searched for satisfaction. He’d take up residence in a rental near the never-ending procession of plastic and roll out in his trendy store-bought urban outfits with his boys, eight and nine cars thick.

He thought his game was tight.

Early in his career, Kearse had all the spoils NFL fame and fortune could provide. The cars. The jewelry. The crew. The ladies. The insulation from fear that he would fail and end up like so many other promising athletes he knew from his hometown of Fort Myers, Fla., guys who returned from the bigs with trophy cases full of couldas and shouldas and if-onlys.

But even with job security and financial freedom, how many times can you run through the same scene? See the same men wearing your shirt? Hear the same lines from vacuous women who are mostly intent on checking out your watch and your wallet?

“It just started getting old,” Kearse said recently, relaxing on the boat that is his new baby. “So, I moved away from it. You’ve got to step it up, sooner or later.”

Since the Eagles made him the highest-paid defensive lineman in NFL history two years ago, Kearse has felt an obligation to tighten all the strands that weave together his life. Healthier eating habits support his maniacal offseason workout regimen, which should lend to better explosion off the line of scrimmage and make him a disruptive force this season. Sound financial investments and prudent spending have left money to spend on a custom-made wardrobe, which helps project an upscale persona that Madison Avenue craves from its athletes.

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