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Eagles’ Kearse Wants to Step it up this Time


OMPANO BEACH – The lazy days that used to make up Jevon Kearse’s offseasons were spent in South Beach, where he hit the clubs and searched for satisfaction. He’d take up residence in a rental near the never-ending procession of plastic and roll out in his trendy store-bought urban outfits with his boys, eight and […]



NEW, Unlimited Training, w Cheaper Rates!! Train up to 5 days per week for a low monthly cost   NEW, Football In Season Training Group and Semi Private training available on Saturday’s    NEW, Off Site Team Training!! Team Training at your school or club field  

Youth Sports Summer Camp


Athletes Edge Youth Sports Camp Basketball-Football-Soccer-Swimming Ages: 6-12 (Boys & Girls) 9AM – 4PM Monday-Friday Contact: or 954.406.0716

Flight School: High School Basketball Performance Training


Off Season is here!! Work on your Vertical Jump, Lateral Quickness, Full Court Speed and Basketball specific strength. contact for more information.

AE Add’s World Class Track Coach to NFL Combine Training Staff


Athletes Edge welcomes Coach Owen McGregor to specialize in 40 yard dash training for the 2014 NFL Combine training program!! Owen McGregor – World Class Track & Field Coach Owen McGregor, specializes in progressive speed training for team and Individual athletes seeking to acquire and develop proper fundamentals for increased Speed, Endurance, Flexibility and Agility […]

Football Performance Training


OFF SEASON TRAINING STARTS>>>NOW!! Take your game to the next level!! This program focuses on the 6 components to becoming a BIGGER, FASTER & STRONGER athlete. -Strength Training -Speed -Agility -Acceleration -Deceleration -Change of Direction YDP – Ages 6-12 AA – Middle School AAA – High School

Flight School: Middle School Basketball Training


Flight School is the perfect combination of skill and athleticism training for the middle school aged athlete. Improve overall performance by working on the vertical jump, lateral defensive slide, full-court speed and injury prevention through age appropriate strength training. Combining this with skill training such as ball-handling and shot-alignment makes Flight School the perfect fit […]

Youth Development Program – Ages 6-12


The Athletes Edge YDP (Youth Development Program) is geared towards youth athletes between the ages of 6 and 12 that are looking to take their game to the next level.  The program focuses on the fundamentals of athleticism to improve performance in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and volleyball.  Running form, agility, coordination, injury prevention, […]

VSP Baseball Performance Training Program


Velocity-Speed-Power Athletes Edge VSP Baseball Performance Training Program is designed to improve a baseball player’s overall athleticism, speed and strength while decreasing the rate of injury. High School (AAA) Programing Middle School (AA) Programing Youth Development Program (YDP) – Ages 6-12 Contact us for a Free Performance Evaluation  

Injury Prevention for the Athlete


One of the biggest concerns of both the parent and athlete today is injury prevention.  With sports becoming more competitive each year, and with scholarships on the line, injury prevention is developing into a main concern for all.  As the game progresses, it becomes more demanding of the athlete and even more taxing on their […]

Strength = Speed


Almost every time an athlete or parent comes through our door, they’re looking for “speed” training.  Whether it’s their sole goal, or one of many, just about everyone wants to get faster.  And it’s completely understandable.  Every sport is getting faster and more explosive.  If you want to compete, you too need to get faster and more explosive.  […]

Athletes Edge 2013 NFL Combine Class


Marquis Gray: QB/WR – Minnesotta Greg Reid: CB/KR/PR – FSU/Valdosta Frankie Hammonds: WR – UF Brandon Bishop: S – NC State TJ Barnes: DT – Georgia Tech Rodrick Rumble: WR – Idaho St Chris Mckenzie: CB – Syracuse Darren Thennen: S – UMASS Dominick LeGrande: S – Marshall Junior Mertile: CB – FIU Wayne Times: […]

Congratulations Ellyn Snider!


Ellyn Snider is a young track star.  I like to think of her more as a “track stud”.  She was recently named Sun Sentinel’s and The Palm Beach Post’s “Runner of the Year” (for 2012), and has also received honorable mentions from  But that’s not all.  Ellyn also won the FACA All-Star Cross Country Meet […]

Athletes Edge Speed Camp


Athletes Edge now hosts a Speed Camp on Saturday’s.  The Speed Camp lasts 60-70 minutes, and puts emphasis on Run Form/Technique, Neural Activation (teaching athletes to activate their fast-twitch muscle fibers), and Footwork/Agility.  This program is most appropriate for youth (ages 8-13), however older athletes are welcome.  The schedule for each facility is as follows: Miami: […]

Nutrition: The Next Generation


I think it goes without saying that nutrition “Trumps” all when it comes to being health conscious.  In no way am I downplaying the importance of a routine workout, however without proper nutrition the results of your workout can be significantly limited.  Now what if I told you eating chicken or tuna fish was unhealthy […]

Misconceptions about Nutrition


Many people struggle with understanding what the body requires in terms of nutrients to function at its highest level of performance.  The importance of getting a variety of nutrients in the body is essential for proper nutrition. Carbohydrates are one of the nutrients that people have difficulty understanding how much they need in a day.  […]

Hydrating During Exercise


The importance of hydration can never be over stressed, especially in South Florida. Athletes must stay hydrated to perform at their very best. Fluids are crucial for athletes because fluids transport nutrients throughout the body to help working muscles, eliminate overheating and manage waste in the body. Many athletes do not realize the importance of […]

This One’s For the Girls: Congratulations Erin DiMeglio


Athletes Edge wants to congratulate Erin DiMeglio on her history-making football season.  For those of you who are not familiar with Erin, she has become the first girl in the state of Florida to “play quarterback in a regular-season varsity football game”; a feat that has  given Erin recognition from many media outlets nationwide. We never […]

Shula’s Athletic Club Delivers the Athletic Edge for Youth Programs


It’s a partnership made in sports heaven. Like Montana to Rice. Like Magic to Kareem. Shula’s Athletic Club, the fitness and health leader in Miami, has brought on the team from Athletes Edge to offer their exclusive Youth Developmental Program. “Athlete’s Edge is the preeminent South Florida training team for developing youth and professional athletes […]

DeVentri Jordan joins Athletes Edge as Director of Pro Services


DeVentri Jordan joins the Athletes Edge staff.  DeVentri brings more than 5 years of NFL combine experience gained while working with API and IMG Academies. He has negotiated endorsement and marketing deals with Morrie’s Cadillac, Oxygen Plus, Protégé Shoes, UnderArmour, Cutter Gloves and others. DeVentri was a four year starter at St Cloud State University […]

You have Skills, but what about Character? RG3 knows Alfred Morris has both.


In sports today we highlight the big plays, the ungodly paychecks, and the less than appropriate acts of our professional “mentors”.  It isn’t often, and never breaking news (usually passed with just a smile of appreciation or a nod of approval), when we highlight a good deed or recognize great character. I strongly feel that […]

High School Football Combine Training


Combines are no longer just for the Pro’s.  In recent years, it’s been high school athletes who have increasingly become more involved and more dependent on combines.  As football remains a highly competitive sport in South Florida (the #1 recruited area in the nation for college football. See:, athletes need every chance they can get […]

Sports Nutrition


Food is a key ingredient for the human body and nutrition is crucial to the success of every athlete. Here at Athlete’s Edge, we emphasize the importance of eating a balanced meal in order to perform at maximum capacity. Oftentimes, improper consumption can be noticed due to an athlete’s poor performance on the field.  Nutrition […]

College Strength and Conditioning vs. High School Strength and Conditioning


The difference between these two categories of athletes has many distinctions. High school athletes are trying to perform better during their sport and becoming stronger and more functional on a day by day basis. But great care must be taken since they are normally beginning resistance training and are still in the growing stages. Because […]

Proper recovery during training


During an individual’s training there are specific rest times or intervals as some may call it that needs to be ascertained.  For someone commencing Power training there is normally a 2-5 minute rest period between sets for the ATP that was just used in the body to re-accumulate to as close to 100% as possible; […]

Youth Speed Training


Normally for young children speed training constitutes learning to perform proper technique in a linear direction of running. During young childhood and early adolescence there are 2 distinct phases children go through. One is a child that has not yet gone through puberty and is comfortable with their body and is in full control. While […]

Proper Hydration


When it comes to proper hydration you must maintain 15 to 20 ounces before a workout. Then 15 minutes before you begin, drink between 8-10 ounces of water. Followed by during a workout regiment, you should drink another 8 ounces every 15 minutes to maintain adequately hydrated. Remember your body and muscles are mostly made […]

Dallas Finds a Diamond in the Second-Round Rough


Being a selection in the second round of the N.B.A. draft is both a dream come true and a cruel tease; being picked on draft night brings prospects close to the big leagues, and yet comes with the astoundingly low probability of playing regular or meaningful N.B.A. minutes. Many are in the N.B.A. only technically, […]

Jae Crowder: Path to the NBA, 5/14


Miami’s beaches have been the source of Jae Crowder’s most therapeutic moments preparing for the NBA Draft, as well as his most challenging ones. Following the completion of his final exams last week, Crowder left Milwaukee for Miami, where he had spent the last two months for weekend workouts at the Athletes Edge Sports Performance […]

How do I reach my full potential and become the best baseball player I can be?


The Athletes Edge Training protocols are a collaboration of various training theories and practices that have proven results in improving athletic performance.  The first step is a proper baseball specific strength and conditioning program to play a significant role in preventing injuries caused by repetitive motion.  Baseball is such a one side dominant sport that […]

Proper Base Stealing Technique


Every time that we do a clinic on base stealing, close to 90% of the players have been taught the “cross-over” step, as their first step towards second base.  With this, the athlete staggers their feet and opens their lead step and hips to make an easier path towards second base.  However, in the event […]

Athletes Edge Tennis Training Philosophy: Movement, not Muscles


If you desire to be an elite tennis player then you must be able to move well. The game is faster and more explosive than ever before and so are the athletes who play it. Movement separates players at all levels of the game: pro, college and junior. It’s no surprise the Top 4 players who dominate the […]

Tennis Footwork: Drop Step


The drop step is used in tennis to step backward so a player can absorb pace or depth from their opponent or to create space on a ball hit directly at them.  The technique involves opening the hip backward from a split-step and then either planting to hit the ball or continuing back and then […]

Lateral Quickness in Basketball


It is estimated that 60% of basketball is comprised of lateral quickness.  The problem that we have found with this is that youth and high school coaches neglect teaching the proper mechanics of lateral movement and most youth athletes simply lack the proper strength development to move efficiently. Strengthening the Glute Med (gluteus medius) is […]

Football Speed Training


Footballs most coveted ability is speed, speed kills!!  People say that you are either born with it or you aren’t.  This is not completely true.  Yes, there is a ceiling on how fast an athlete can get but with proper strength and technique training an athlete can reach their full potential and improve their overall […]

Tennis Lateral Movement Drill


Lateral movement is one of the most important tools a tennis player needs to have. In fact, lateral movement makes up around 70% of all movement in tennis. The Athletes Edge Tennis Performance Training Program puts a top priority on this aspect of the game and one of the most versatile drills we use is […]

Scapular Stabilization – Tennis Performance Training


One of the main components of the Athletes Edge Tennis Performance Training Program is injury prevention.  Tennis players are especially susceptible to shoulder injuries.  One component of the AE shoulder pre-hab program is scapular stabilization exercises. The shoulder consists of three bones including the scapula, more commonly called the shoulder blade.  As a ball-and-socket joint, […]

Lateral Movement in Tennis – Tennis Performance Training


The ability to move well laterally in tennis is imperative for an elite player.  Most shots are followed by a lateral recovery back into an optimal court position.  Movement to the ball starts from a lateral position with a split-step and the opening of the hips in the direction of the next shot.  Hip strength […]

Athletes Edge open their second facility in North Miami on the campus of Saint Thomas University


Athletes Edge is pleased to announce the opening of their second facility in North Miami on the campus of Saint Thomas University.  In the brand new 3 million dollar, 62,000 sq. ft. Fernandez Family Center, Athletes Edge will be able to provide services to the youth and high school athletes of both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.  […]

Crouse, Knecht together again with Team Canada


By Alexis Brudnicki via Canedian Baseball Network DUNEDIN, Fla. — First stop, spring training. Dunedin. Second? Lansing, Mich., for a 140-game season in the class-A Midwest League in the Blue Jays system, plus three games in the first round of playoffs, two games in the second and another three in the championship round. Next up, […]

Youth Baseball


I get the question asked all the time, “how old does my son have to be to start performance training for baseball?” My answer, “The earlier the better!!” We can improve running form, coordination and baseball related athleticism while significantly reducing the rate of injury as early as age 6!! We have had little leaguers […]

3 Weight Room Methods to Improve Pitching Velocity


If you are a pitcher and want to improve your velocity you must focus on 3 areas in the weight room, hips, core and the posterior shoulder. In fact, most elbow injuries can be traced back to a weakness in all three of these areas. Elite pitchers use their hips to drive off the mound, […]

Isometric Holds – Tennis Performance Training


Tennis is a sport requiring players to be strong enough to hold very awkward positions. For example, picture Kim Clijsters finishing in a split on a wide forehand or Novak Djokovic looking like Gumby after stretching to hit a low, open-stance backhand. Core strength is required not only to get into to this position to […]

Soccer Performance Program


Soccer players are required to be both technical and tactical, but the defining edge of physical performance in today’s game makes or breaks players on the world stage. With each player being different, assessing an individual’s current capabilities is essential to putting the right plan into action. With proper assessment and evaluation we can design […]

Lacrosse Performance Program


Lacrosse is unique in how it compiles the aspects of several different sports. Lacrosse encompasses conditioning similar to soccer, change of direction like football, contact like hockey and rotational power and hand eye coordination like baseball. Each position is trained completely different, Attack is short burst and tight change of direction, Middles need more top […]

Baseball Performance Program


Today’s baseball player is bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. Some of our most elite ball players resemble football players more than your traditional baseball players, just look at the stars in the majors!! As a former D1 baseball player and a former Strength and Conditioning Coach in the NFL, I can clearly see […]

AE partners with TEST Football Academy


The Athletes Edge has partnered with TEST Football Academy for the 2011 NFL Combine training program.  TEST is an industry leader for NFL Combine training and off-season training.  Along with the partnership, Pro-Bowlers Jevon Kearse, Sam Madison and Mark Duper have been added to the 2011 Combine Staff for position specific skill training.

AE partners with the Sports and Orthopedic Center


Athletes Edge is pleased to announce a partnership with Manish K. Gupta, M.D. and the Sports and Orthopedic Center. Dr. Gupta completed his advanced sports medicine and reconstruction training at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD, where he served as the staff physician of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, the Morgan State University football program, and […]

Patrick Peterson Sr. of World Class Speed joins Athletes Edge


The Athletes Edge is pleased to announce the addition of Patrick Peterson Sr. of World Class Speed to our 2011 NFL Combine Training Staff. Pat Sr. brings a wealth of knowledge in teaching Speed and Athleticism but more importantly how to transfer these skills to the football field. Pat’s knowledge can be seen firsthand in […]

Athletes Edge training the FAU Men’s Tennis and Soccer


The Athletes Edge has been called on upon to train several of the FAU teams for the 2009-20010 seasons including the Men’s Tennis and Soccer. Coach Stokes of Men’s Tennis says “ the Athletes Edge did a great job with our team…they are defiantly a big part in our success!!

Jevon Kearse Training @ FAU to Prep for the Upcoming 2010 Season


What is the “Freak” doing on the FAU campus? Preparing with the Athletes Edge coaches for the upcoming 2010 season. Jevon has been training with the Boca based company for the past 5 off seasons, saying “Every year I am in top shape for training camp…thanks to Athletes Edge” View Video

Purdue Football Working Hard this Offseason with Athletes Edge


This past winter the Athletes Edge traveled to Purdue University to help with the off season football program. They focused on acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and top end speed. They were also able to spend time with the women’s soccer team, tennis, volleyball and basketball. Coach Hope called it a great success!

Fast Twitch: An Under Armour Elite Training Facility