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Baseball Performance Program


Today’s baseball player is bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. Some of our most elite ball players resemble football players more than your traditional baseball players, just look at the stars in the majors!! As a former D1 baseball player and a former Strength and Conditioning Coach in the NFL, I can clearly see the similarities but more importantly, I can see the differences. Yes, we want our baseball players big, strong and fast, but with baseball being such a one-side dominant, repetitive sport, a good portion of the training must focus on muscular balance and injury prevention. Then we have to take into account how complex but fragile the throwing shoulder is. All of this leads to the importance of having an individualized program for each athlete that walks into our facility.

The Athletes Edge Baseball Performance program is based on the individual athlete’s initial evaluation. During this process, the athlete’s weakest links are pinpointed as this may lead to future injury and decreased performance on the diamond. Once this is determined, an overall Athletic Profile is established and an individualized program is designed.

The AE baseball program focuses on the 8 essential components to improved baseball performance. Each program emphasizes different components depending on the individual Athletic Profile that is compiled from the initial evaluation.

  • Total Body Strength and Muscular Balance
  • Rotational Power
  • Rotator Cuff Strengthening and Throwing Arm Deceleration
  • Lateral Movement
  • Base Path Speed
  • First Step Burst
  • Reaction
  • Explosion
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