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Athletes Edge Tennis Training Philosophy: Movement, not Muscles


If you desire to be an elite tennis player then you must be able to move well. The game is faster and more explosive than ever before and so are the athletes who play it. Movement separates players at all levels of the game: pro, college and junior. It’s no surprise the Top 4 players who dominate the game; Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray, are four of the best if not the four best movers in the game.

Movement creates unforced errors by shrinking the court. We’ve all played someone who covered the court so well you had to take more chances against them. Watch Nadal on clay and you will see players trying to hit with more power than usual and closer to the lines than usual because he moves so well. This leads to them playing out of their comfort zone and thus filling the stat sheet with unforced errors.

But there is so much more to movement than just running down balls no one else cancover. A player who moves well can get to a ball and play a neutral shot when another player may only be able to play a defensive shot. And they may be able to play an offensive shot on a ball other players can only play a neutral shot.

In our Tennis Performance Training Program we focus on training “movement, not muscles.” We spend time in the gym getting our players stronger but our focus is on functional movements, especially those specific to tennis. We concentrate on stability, flexibility, explosiveness and proper movement patterns. Our program also is full of pre-hab exercises because our first aim is to keep our players healthy and on the court. The AE Change of Direction progression system is a highlight of the Tennis Performance Training Program because tennis players change direction on average every 1.1 seconds! That cannot be replicated by just doing endless sets of squats and lunges.

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