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3 Weight Room Methods to Improve Pitching Velocity


If you are a pitcher and want to improve your velocity you must focus on 3 areas in the weight room, hips, core and the posterior shoulder. In fact, most elbow injuries can be traced back to a weakness in all three of these areas. Elite pitchers use their hips to drive off the mound, the rotational power of their core to accelerate their arm and the posterior shoulder and upper back to decelerate their arm. A weakness in any of these areas will lead to decreased performance and a potential shoulder or elbow injury.

To strengthen our pitchers hips we use Lateral Split Squat Jumps with Rotation, this is not only a great motion to strength hips but it also simulates driving off the mound. With this motion, we load and progress the actual drive phase of a pitchers delivery. For core we use an array of rotational band presses. This allows our pitchers to train rotational power and pressing simultaneously without compromising the integrity of the shoulder capsule. Our most popular posterior shoulder movement is a dumbbell row with external rotation. This strengthens the posterior shoulder and also helps the rotator cuff work in conjunction with some of the bigger muscles of the upper back.

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